Traverse City Michigan Farm Fencing

Our farm fences are designed to withstand years of use, whether you need to mark the boundaries of your property or create a safe horse enclosure.

From sturdy wood post-and-rail designs to galvanized steel horse fences, we have the perfect solution to meet your farm fencing needs. Our agricultural fence team will work with you to find a fencing solution that fits your property size, budget, and requirements. We offer several fences to fit your property's unique needs.

Our team has years of experience helping farm owners choose the right fence for their property and installing that fence with precision and care. With our expert craftsmanship and quality materials, you can rest assured that your farm will be well protected. You can trust our team to install top of the line agricultural fences.

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Farm Fence Contractor in Traverse City Michigan

Our Farm Fences

Farm Post and Board fence company in the Traverse City Michigan area.

Classic wood post and board fences are a popular farm fence.

Split rail Farm fence company in the Traverse City Michigan area.

Split rail fences have remained a popular solution for decades.

Farm vinyl rail fence contractor in the Traverse City Michigan area.

Vinyl rail fences are a low-maintenance twist on a classic fence.

Farm Horse Fence installation for the Traverse City Michigan area.

Our team specializes in horse fencing in Grand Traverse County.

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The Traverse City Michigan Most PopularFarm Fence Options

Our selection of 2-rail, 3-rail, or 4-rail agricultural fences makes it easy to choose the best fence for your property.

Farm Fencing Options - Traverse City Michigan

Our team understands the importance of protecting your investment, and we work hard to ensure that our fences are built to last. Let our professionals help you safeguard your agricultural operation with our top-quality farm fences.

2 Rail Farm Fence - Traverse City Michigan

2-Rail Farm Fences

The sturdy construction of our 2-rail farm fences creates a durable, strong finished farm fence, making them an excellent choice for property owners looking for a fence that strikes the balance between charm and functionality.

3 Rail Farm Fence - Traverse City Michigan

3-Rail Farm Fences

Our 3-rail farm fences are a practical fencing solution for farms. 3-rail fences have an additional rail for decorative purposes and to deter wildlife from entering your property. Choose a 3-rail fence for a strong farm fence.

4 Rail Farm Fence - Traverse City Michigan

4-Rail Farm Fences

Our 4-rail farm fences provide you with peace of mind and long-lasting durability. Add welded wire mesh to a 4-rail farm fence to keep out intruders and prevent livestock from wandering into dangerous situations.

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Traditionally, farm fencing is wooden post and rail fencing, split rail fences, or high tensile fences. Welded wire can be added to post and rail fences for specific small animal yards. There are variations of each type based on what you need to enclose. For example, if you have horses, you can border your land with split rail, but if you have smaller animals like chickens or pigs, you'll need something closer to the ground and with less open space. Our team of fence experts is happy to discuss your specific needs and find the perfect solution for your Traverse City Michigan property.

Farm fencing works very well when it comes to following the changing levels of ground across many fields. Wood fencing particularly is always one of the most adjustable types of fencing and can be modified to your specifications.

Barbed wire is often added to farm fences in the Traverse City Michigan area. It can be useful in order to contain your livestock and also to protect your animals from predators that may try to come through your fence. Even if you have fields of vegetables or other crops, barbed wire can help keep animals from getting in to eat your plants.

Yes! We often install post and rail farm fencing at various communities and for individual residential properties all across the Traverse City Michigan region. When you speak with our associates, ask about our variety of wood rail fences and explore the best options with our experienced staff.

The majority of the post and rail farm fencing we install in the Traverse City Michigan area is the 3 rail or 4 rail options. 2 rail post and rail farm fencing is less common, but it is completely up to you which one you prefer!

Farm Fencing Examples

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Post and Rail Wood Fence With Metal Mesh for Properties in Traverse City Michigan
Post and Rail Wood Fence With Metal Mesh for Michigan Farms
Post and Rail Wood Farm Fence With Metal Mesh and Single Swing Gate for Michigan Properties
Traverse City Post and Rail Wood Fence With Metal Mesh for Farm and Agricultural Properties
Steel Fencing for Horse Farms and Agricultural Properties Across Michigan
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